Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oh, Dear!!!

I know it's been a while since I updated my blog. It seems to have been a very busy time over the past nearly 5 months, apart from struggling with health problems - a little more on that later! Assorted family visits have been highlights, especially seeing to of our grandchildren in their respective dance shows. To date, no photos have been forthcoming, and we await pictures from their parents, or at least websites we can order them from!

Healthwise, because of a nagging cough for several months, my GP has referred me to a respiratory clinic just in case I have something nasty like COPD or bronchiectasis! Neither are nice thoughts as it means my life-expectancy drops to only a very few years. I had hoped to see great-grandchildren, but let's not be too pessmistic: it might be an infection or an allergy.

We had planned a little holiday at the beginning of July. A few days staying with our daughter in Aylesbury and a visit to Bekonscot model village, four days in my sister's static caravan in the New Forest, and back via eldest son for a long weekend and attending one dance show. I took along stitching and knitting in case the weather was bad whilst we were in the 'van. All went well till we visited Bekonscot, where I lost my balance and fell down a slope breaking both bones in my left arm, which subsequently needed surgery once we had returned home So the day out consisted of morning and lunch in the model village, and afternoon and evening at Stoke Mandeville A&E. I did get some lovely photos before I fell, including one of a model of Enid Blyton's house

Enid Blyton's house - complete with Noddy in his car!

and a panoramic view of a large part of the site:

not to mention a photo of everyone else standing where I fell about 5 minutes later!

(And, no, I do not know the portly gentleman to the right of the photo, but if I had cropped him out, I would have removed part of Rob. I did try!)

Stitching-wise, I have progressed a little. I completed a croche'ed doll's shawl/blanket for Abi and a cushion cover in Kilgour tartan for DH.

I've also progressed a bit on the back of Mary's cushion cover

And added a bit to my memory dog which is now in a state of deconstruction as I wasn't satisfied with my points!

Chatelaine's Fairytale Castle has come on quite a bit, but  will post a photo soon when it might have progressed a bit more. Currently I can manage jigsaw puzzles!!

I thoroughly enjoyed doing his one of London: a View to the west. Such detail, and such confusion!! It must be one of the hardest puzzles I've tackled
 Enough for now!
Till next time

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